Althought she live in " L'anteroom of north ", Trondheim , a nice city in the north of norway ,we distinguishe clearly in her way to singing her influences from the Arabian countries, India and Eastern European countries.

Thus the mix of her origins , her influences and her large possibility's create something unique


Monika words : " The most important emotion in our music is our deep passion for this music in itself. But of course, if there weren’t any other feelings behind it, we wouldn’t be so passionate about it either. I think it is important to let the full range of feelings get into the music.
One-sided happy, sad, aggressive or whatever emotions in music don’t seem genuine to me. It needs more contrasts. I don’t think it is possible to have just one feeling at a certain time; one feeling might be dominant, but there are always other feelings coming up, too. If we were to make music that was supposed to be depressing or anything, it would feel pathetic. If you are to write lyrics about heartfelt sorrow, you’ll eventually come to a point where you become tired of your own complaints or maybe you come up with some black humour or whatever. I think those feelings should get exposure in the music as well.
To work with music, lyrics and cover artwork is a source for self examination, but also for expressing oneself in general and there by keeping one sane.

Sometimes I make my vocals really ugly on purpose. The meaning is to kind of ask what it is for something to be ugly. Sometimes the ugliness can be beautiful - and sometimes not. I want to create mixed emotions and constantly changing emotions to make the listener more aware of them. I hope to confuse and make people curious, make people ask questions in order to make them
think for themselves. "